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Joslyn's Mentoring Program Sculpting this southwest Iowa Artist

Joslyn's Kent Bellows Mentoring Program is dedicated to developing young artists’ “creative capital,” so they can imagine, adapt, invent, and re-think the old ways.
It’s a beautiful spring Friday afternoon in March and teenagers across the metro are pouring out of their respective high schools’ front doors. One would assume they’d…

Children's Mental Health Initiative Helps Boy Get Back in the Classroom

Funded by the Iowa West Foundation, the children's mental health initiative, in partnership with Lewis Central School District and Heartland Family Service, offers therapeutic services for K-12 students; teacher training to help identify mental and behavi…
When talking to Jennie Scivally about the trials of raising her middle son, the first thing you notice is her steady demeanor. For a mother who has had a front row seat to…

OUR VISION is a community where families choose to
live, and businesses choose to locate, because of its
quality of life and standard of living.

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