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We are in this together

This blog post identifies ways nonprofits and foundations can work together to create greater outcomes as partners.
 Nine nonprofit executives recently published a widely-circulated letter about how to strengthen philanthropy. Titled “We are in this together: a letter to philanthropy”…

Grantee Disbursement Process Gets Easier

In the past, we have asked for transaction-level information about how our funding was used. Moving forward we are going to be asking grantees to provide summarized information in the form of an updated budget. For the majority of our grantees, this means…
Recently, the Iowa West Foundation’s Grants Team took a look at a piece of reporting that we know is a pain point for a number of our grantees. The process in question relates…

OUR VISION is a community where families choose to
live, and businesses choose to locate, because of its
quality of life and standard of living.

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