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Now is the Perfect Time for Photos of Art in Council Bluffs

If you’re a resident, there’s a chance you’ve walked or driven past some of the large-scale public art pieces a thousand times. But do you really know what they’re called? Can you name the artists who designed them? Even if you don’t understand …
Iowa is breathtaking in the fall and Council Bluffs is no exception. The colorful foliage and breathtaking sunsets also make for stunning backdrops in photographs of public art.…

Sternhill Park Sign Pays Homage to Former Brick Factory

Artist Jason Manley was inspired by the park’s history to use brick as the core material for the new signage for Sternhill Park.
“Art in the Park” is an Iowa West Foundation initiative to replace weathered park identification signs at six community parks. The project is being coordinated by the…

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