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Since its inception, the Iowa West Foundation's grant program has awarded more than $300 million to improve the quality of life in our region. These stories highlight some of these grants and show the impact they make on our community.

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Children's Mental Health Initiative Helps Boy Get Back in the Classroom

Funded by the Iowa West Foundation, the children's mental health initiative, in partnership with Lewis Central School District and Heartland Family Service, offers therapeutic services for K-12 students; teacher training to help identify mental and behavi…
When talking to Jennie Scivally about the trials of raising her middle son, the first thing you notice is her steady demeanor. For a mother who has had a front row seat to…

Iowa West Field House: A Commitment to the Community

From the beginning, our goals for the field house were not only to provide access to southwest Iowa sports teams but also to drive economic development in the Mid-America Center and tourism in Council Bluffs.
As you may have seen in the news lately, the Iowa West Field House is officially open for league and tournament play! Opening weekend Jan. 13-15th was a huge success, with…

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