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Applicants are encouraged to contact Foundation staff with questions. For technical assistance, email Deb Debbaut, Director of Grants Administration, or call her at 712-309-3003.


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When can I begin an application?
2. When will I know whether my grant request has received funding or not?
3. IWF’s grants policy says that if my grant request was declined I must wait 12 months. If I was declined in the first period, when can I come back?
4. My request was declined in the third quarter. When can I reapply under the new system?
5. Does the change from 4 quarters to 3 periods mean Iowa West is issuing fewer grants?
6. I have an annual program that I apply for every year in the third quarter. When do I apply under the new system?
7. The policy states that organizations may submit applications a maximum of two times per calendar year. Iowa West is currently funding more than two of our programs — what does this mean for us?
8. The new policies state that “programmatic grants are limited to a total of six consecutive years.” I have already received six years of consecutive funding. Does this mean I cannot apply?
9. I see that there are four focus areas now. What is Healthy Families? Place-making?
10. I’m a nonprofit in Omaha. What kinds of projects or programs do you fund regionally?
11. When do these changes take effect?
12. What if my in-kind is actually more than 15%? How do I show that in my budget?

For further information, please feel free to read through the Grantmaking section or contact a member of the grants team.

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