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Iowa West Public Art

Use the links below to browse the variety of Public Art in Council Bluffs.

Jonathan Borofsky

Molecule Man

Ed Carpenter


Dan Corson


Mark di Suvero

Big Mo

Brower Hatcher

Bayliss Park Wellspring and Oculus

Jun Kaneko


William King

Circus Interstate Sunrise

Deborah Masuoka

Haymarket Rabbits

Albert Paley


Call 712-212-9088 to begin an audio tour of any of the locations seen above.

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Iowa West Public Art

Visitor Information

Explore Public Art

Visit Council Bluffs and see how public art is integrated into the fabric of the community. Stop in the heart of downtown at Bayliss Park and enjoy Brower Hatcher' s Wellspring fountain. Take in entertainment at the Mid-America Center and walk through the sculpture garden by Jun Kaneko. While you' re there, don' t forget to see Jonathan Borofsky' s Molecule Man and William King' s Sunrise.

Walking Tours

Whether you 're on foot, on your cell phone, or at home, you' ve come to the right place to explore public art.

Get started with an IWPA guide to public art. You can use this map to explore IWPA art sites at your leisure. You can also discover some of the great public art throughout Council Bluffs.

Organizations or groups can order brochures for self-guided tours. Send us an email and be sure to include the approximate date of your tour, brochure quantities, and mailing address.

View the Walking tour of Iowa West Public Art at the Mid-America Center.


Audio Tours

How many holes are in Molecule Man? Ever wonder how strong the aluminum sculptures at the Mid-America Center need to be to withstand the elements? Get ready to be your own tour guide with IWPA audio tours. They' re available 24/7 for art installations in the Mid-America Center district - all you need is a cell phone. It' s free! If you plan to be at the Mid-America Center sometime soon, download a walking tour map. You' ll see and hear about work from some of the best known names in public art. 


Ready to get started? It's easy! 


1. Download a walking tour map and follow along
2. Call 712-212-9088, must include local area code

This cell phone tour is FREE except for the minutes used on your cell phone.
*The cell phone tour is also available to traditional phone users. Long-distance rates may apply. Recorded comments may be shared on social media or on 

Map and Locations

You can also download Google Maps for mobile by clicking here.

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